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– We have created a system that can use the noise level to estimate how many people are in a room. This can be an incredibly good tool for minimizing the risk of infection in these times, says marketing manager at Waved, Fredrik Sande.

Photo: Waved

– We have now worked for a long time to develop a sensor that uses the noise level in the room to adjust the volume of the music being played. We had come a long way before the Covid19 crisis really picked up. We had a product that has been tested on several customers, and we were ready to take the step further to really start selling the product. When the government took action and closed schools and kindergartens on March 12, we were actually going to install our product at a bar in Oslo, but 3 of 4 in the team were quarantined due to travel abroad, he continues.


Continued development

The Waved team: Endre Hauge Paulsen, Fredrik Sande, Jonas Andersen og Daniel Harper. (Photo: Waved)

The time that followed, with closed bars and restaurants, meant that the Waved segment was targeted, was closed down and sales opportunities were small.

– We then dedicated all our time to further developing our product. What our team has managed to produce during this crisis are improved sensors, a much more user-friendly platform and generally a more robust product. The user-friendliness has now become very good, and the setup is simple, says Sande.


Utilize the sensors in a difficult time

Photo: Waved

– After a lot of testing and hard work, we have now decided to start selling Waved – despite the crisis, and have started to enter into dialogue with several potential customers and partners. In this process, we searched for ideas on how we can utilize the sensors at a time when the premises are closed and the liquidity of most people is declining.

– That was when we realized that with a sensor that records the sound level in the room, we can also, based on a sufficiently good algorithm, estimate the number of people in a room. This can be an incredibly good tool for bars, restaurants, cafes and the retail industry as soon as the authorities ease the restrictions and open up. This is currently under development and we want to be able to help keep the risk of infection down, for example by notifying owners when the system estimates that the density of people is high, Sande continues.


Overview of the estimated number of people on the premises

– We can now offer a platform that adjusts the sound of the music being played, in addition to giving employees and managers an overview of the estimated number of people on the premises. In light of this, we have also thought that the area of use of our sensor is many. We can, based on noise levels, give schools and kindergartens a good estimate of how many people interact in a given room. This gives both employees and managers unique data and insight to work with even more measures to ensure that infection is avoided in the best possible way. We are now ready to be able to help Norway get back on its feet and want to make this known to as many people as possible, says Sande.



The company was started in 2018 by Daniel Harper and Jonas Andersen. Jonas Andersen presented the idea to Daniel Harper, and they decided very quickly that this was something they wanted to move forward with. A few months later, Endre Hauge Paulsen and Fredrik Sande had joined the company and we were well on our way to making version 1 of the product.

Read more about the products at Waved.no.

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