How it works

Smart sensors

Our sensors’ advanced frequency analysis filters the input and distinguishes between the different sources. We understand what is human-made noise, what is the music being played and everything else.

Perfect balance

This data is then sent to our hub which uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the optimal music volume. It will account for user specific settings and ensure your guests always are treated right.

Always there

The ambience in the room will continuously follow the vibe of the guest throughout the day. Every 5 seconds we make sure the volume is set correct so that whether people are coming, leaving, loud or quiet, we make sure that the ambience is taken care of, and provide an excellent guest experience

Work smarter

Our amazing platform allows you to follow the trends throughout the day and with a touch of a button easily change settings directly in your venue. Our advanced platform will pick up on your user interactions and suggest changes to make your experience even better.

Get in touch

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