Elevate your guest experience!

Match the music volume to create a personalized ambience in your restaurant hotel bar café store

And used by many more...

State-of-the-art tech

Seamlessly connect to your existing sound system and get the full power of our platform.

Perfectly balanced.

By advanced algorithms we ensure that the volume always matches the mood of the guests.

Tailored to your concept

Professional engineering will make sure that each venue and zone is always on point with your brand.

All-in-one platform

Full control of your venue through our platform. Change sources, vibe up, mute – all in on click.

Fully automated.

Whether you want us to control all aspects of your venue, or you want to create schedules for special events. All is easily doable through our platform.

Lease Waved and we’ll grow together

For smaller venues with 1-2 main social rooms, typically from 100 to 200 m2

From 798 NOK pr month

For medium venues with 2-4 main social rooms, typically from 200 to 400 m2

From 1143 NOK pr month

For large venues with more than 4 social rooms, typically from 400 m2 and up

From 2137 NOK pr month

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