Sumo Vestre Torggate

How Waved helped the Sumo increase its rating and get more satisfied customers.


Sumo Bergen Sentrum is a chic Japanese inspired fusion restaurant located at the busy Regnbueplassen who prides themselves with a unique and modern venue and a welcoming atmosphere. The challenge for Waved was to cater to all their unique target demographics. From a quiet date night to a celebration with friends, Sumo wants everyone to have a pleasant experience.

The venue has in recent times struggled to balance atmosphere with these various demographics, resulting in some negative feedback from customers.

Since installation of Waved earlier this fall however, the percentage of customer reviews complaining about noise reduced from 12,9% to just 1,8% of reviews. In addition, Sumo’s average rating also increased by 0,5 percentage points to 4,6 out of 5.

Finally we also reduced time spent adjusting volume for staff whilst simultaneously improving the customer experience in a way unachievable by humans. This saved conservatively 16 hours of work after 3 months.


The purpose of this study is to gain more insight into the tangible effect Waved has on our customers and in turn their customers. It is the core assumption of our company that our hardware and software products in conjunction help improve the atmosphere in public venues. This study therefore looks more closely at the actual impact with the purpose of improving our product even more.

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This study will examine large amounts of public, user-generated data to determine whether the following two theories hold true given a specific customer:

Hypothesis 1:

Waved and its product is autonomously capable of empirically and anecdotally improve the customer experience of music and sounds in a given venue, while simultaneously being capable of minimizing the risk of hearing damage for patrons.

Hypothesis 2:

Waved and its product is autonomously capable of reducing cognitive load and save time for employees at a given venue by continuously regulating music and sound volumes to a preferred level. This in turn frees up employees time that can be spent on tasks that are beneficial to the customer experience and or the venue as a whole.



After gathering insights through customer reviews an adequate dataset was generated. The results were gathered Desember 6th 2022. Below are some key figures from that dataset:


1 342 reviews were collected, whereby 369 (27,5%) originated from Tripadvisor and 973 (72,5%) came from Google Maps.

Today, Sumo Vestre Torggate has an average rating of 3,8 on Tripadvisor and 4,4 on Google Maps, resulting in an overall average rating of 4,1.

Before installation the average rating was 4,1. After, the average rating was 4,6. This means the rating has improved by 5 points


All reviews





Nr of reviews




Average rating




Most important to this study is looking at relevant reviews that mention atmosphere and sound. In order for us to decide which reviews are relevant to the study we looked at keywords and the websites’ own feature for rating atmosphere.


Table 2 shows an adjusted representation of customer ratings based on relevancy.

Relevant reviews





Nr of relevant reviews




% of reviews that are relevant




Average relevant rating




Table 2


Another interesting statistic is to look at the cadence of positive and negative relevant reviews. This is because of our theory that ambience and atmosphere is more noticeable when it is bad. Because of this, a good result should contain a lower frequency of negative reviews. To make a fair comparison, we have elected to compare the same time interval before and after installation. This means before implies the period between 24.04.2022 and 16.08.2022.






Nr of positive reviews




Nr of negative reviews




Negative reviews as a percentage 




Table 3

Example Reviews

In order to further examine the effect of Waved we have extracted out a sample of the reviews that were written before and after installation.


After analyzing copious amounts of data from various customers a few patterns emerge.

First, customers tend to be vocal about their experience of a venue mostly when they have a bad experience. This means that a lower frequency of negative relevant reviews will be characteristic for a well perceived atmosphere. This is indeed something we can observe by looking at the data. As shown, we found there to be a 11,1% decline in observed negative relevant reviews from customers in the time after installation of Waved.

Secondly, average ratings for the venue increased in the time following installation of Waved.

Finally we would like to evaluate our second hypothesis, that is, Waved saves time for employees by reducing interactions with sound systems required by staff.

During the period between installation and the 7th of December 2022, Waved has autonomously performed 121 004 automatic volume adjustments. Obviously, this is not representative of how many adjustments the staff of the venue would typically perform, but rather the number of how many adjustments would be required to match Waved’s performance.

Let’s say that a typical venue normally adjusts the volume 8 – 10 times a day, 7 times a week and that each adjustment from the time of identifying an issue with the current level, to adjusting takes roughly a minute. Extrapolate that to a month and the average venue spends anywhere between 224 – 280 minutes a month adjusting volume. At the time of this study there has been over 120 days since installation. Extrapolating the average number of manual adjustments to this span results in conservatively 16 hours of work hours saved after 3 months.


In conclusion we deem the implementation of Waved at Sumo Vestre Torggaten to be a success and are pleased with the noticeable and quantifiable results from our study. Customer reviews went from 4.1 to 4.6 and negative feedback on atmosphere reduced by 11.1%. Waved also potentially saved 16 hours of work hours since installation and importantly made the experience of visiting Sumo more pleasant for everyone involved.

This presents solid evidence that our two hypotheses are indeed correct and that Waved works as intended.

Amazonia by BAR is located at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, and is a modern restaurant and bar concept on the pier.

Nydalen Bryggeri & Spiseri is a big venue with a restaurant, a pub with their own craft beer, a game zone with shuffle board and big outdoor area.

Lease Waved and we’ll grow together

For smaller venues with 1-2 main social rooms, typically from 100 to 200 m2

From 798 NOK pr month

For smaller venues with 1-2 main social rooms, typically from 100 to 200 m2

From 798 NOK pr month

For smaller venues with 1-2 main social rooms, typically from 100 to 200 m2

From 798 NOK pr month

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