Nydalen Bryggeri & Spiseri

How Waved helped the local restaurant increase revenue and get more satisfied customers.

Ready, set, go

Nydalen Bryggeri & Spiseri was eager to test Waved even before we had finished developing our prototype. We started working together, and combined our expertise in sound with their knowledge of how the guests behave and interact. The feedback we got from them helped us adapt our sensors to large and more complex venues.

The venue in Nydalen is divided into four different zones. Each zone aims for a different mood, and the music is controlled individually in all zones. It can be a challenge to balance the music and match the mood in a big venue. Noise is the most common complaint from customers, especially when the music is too loud. Customer complaints regarding music volume has been significantly reduced after they installed the sensors.

From manual to automatic

In Nydalen, the staff was in charge of deciding the music and adjusting the volume. Before, they had to adjust the manual settings many times during the day. It’s not very complicated, but it can be easy to forget. It also means that the employees have to keep an eye on the sound system while providing service to the guests.

— Waved is a tool I give the employees to spend their time providing better service, not press buttons. After all, we hired them because they are good waiters and bartenders, says Jin Jæger, general manager at Nydalen Bryggeri & Spiseri.

The staff can now spend more time with the guests since they don’t have to maintain the Soundsystem.

Strategic placement

Our sensors need to be strategically placed so that they will capture sound and noise correctly. The staff are normally the experts on how guests behave, so getting input from them before an installation is crucial.

We ended up installing 12 sensors in Nydalen. It was a complex installation, and we did a thorough evaluation of the venue in advance. The hard work paid off and the system has been running well from the first day. We haven’t had to change the location of any of the sensors since they were installed last year.
Better service and happy customers

— The general mood, with music and lights, is really important for us. It’s not something the guests consciously think about, but it does affect the overall experience, says Jin Jæger.

You might not notice when good music is being played in a nice venue. But it’s hard to ignore it when the choice of music doesn’t match the mood, or if the volume is too high or too low.

— We haven’t got any feedback from our customers since we installed the sensors from Waved. Before, we could get complaints when the music was too loud. No feedback means that Waved matches what people want, says Jin.
Feedback and insight

With Waved, Nydalen Bryggeri & Spiseri also have access to insight and statistics about their guests’ behaviour.
— There is a lot of interesting information and insight integrated into the system, says Jin. For example, we can see which zones have a lot of noise and when. We use the information to understand what mood our guests enjoy the most, she says.

The feedback from the staff has been positive. Waved makes the staff’s workday easier since they don’t have to spend time adjusting the volume. Instead, they can keep the attention on the guests.
Waved works automatically, but feedback from the staff and manual volume adjustments are needed to fine-tune the system. Because human behaviour is anything but static, and sometimes the mood can change quickly. Waved learns and adapts after every manual adjustment, making the volume adjustment fine-tuned in every venue.

— We are really happy with Waved. They show us the new features and functionality quickly, and does a great job of following us up, says Jin.

Going forward

After finally being able to open up the venue again after having to stay closed during the pandemic, they now have the opportunity to test out new functionality in the system.

— I really can’t believe that it took so long before we could manage the music automatically. We have been thinking about this and waiting for years, and are happy that it’s finally here, says Jin.

Lease Waved and we’ll grow together

For smaller venues with 1-2 main social rooms, typically from 100 to 200 m2

For medium venues with 2-4 main social rooms, typically from 200 to 400 m2

For large venues with more than 4 social rooms, typically from 400 m2 and up

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