At a bar or restaurant, it’s about creating the ultimate experience for guests. A lot of time and thought goes into creating the right menu, cocktails, and theme to make the place stand out, and the final finish is to add the right atmosphere through sound. Proper music volume is essential for the atmosphere, if the sound is too loud it is annoying for the guests, if the sound is too low you will hear noise from the guests around you. The sound helps to create a kind of partition between your table and the neighbors. Too few restaurants adjust the sound often enough in relation to the energy level in the room.

Start with a professional installation

Relying on a few speakers mounted on the wall will not be enough, to get a rich sound image there should also be more speakers. You should also have a proper amplifier that can handle the load for a long time. Our partners can help you find the best speakers for your room – whether they are on the ceiling, pendant, or mounted on the wall. They also find the best location to give the bar or restaurant an evenly distributed sound.


Divide your system into zones

One of the mistakes we often see in restaurants or bars is that it is not divided into zones. Unless you run a small bistro, it may make sense to divide the sound into zones that can be adjusted independently.

How can you use this at your venue? A common example is a difference between indoor and outdoor dining. You will probably need to increase the volume of the speakers outside. This layout makes it easy to have areas in two different volumes and different content can also be played in the individual zones.


Choose a simple control option

The most important part of your installation is finding the right control solution. This is the aspect of your system that is going to make a difference from day to day.

A system like Waved creates the perfect atmosphere automatically. Using sensors, Waved captures the energy level and mood of the guests and calculates the correct music volume automatically. You can also fine-tune the sound manually from a central user interface. For example, you can control the sound from the same tablet that you use to make reservations or take payment and get an easy overview of your room.


Adjust EQ

To make it easier to have a conversation, and at the same time create a separation between the guests, you can take some simple steps that are free of charge. By adjusting the midrange down and the bass up on your existing sound system, you will have the feeling that the music is there to the same degree, but it will be easier to communicate.



Noise level and music volume are some of the most common reasons for complaints at restaurants and with simple steps, you can create a good atmosphere that leads to increased customer satisfaction. The simplest step you can take is to adjust the EQ (Equalizer) on your existing system, not only is it easy, but it is also free. If you already have a good sound system that works well and is divided into zones, only a good system for control remains. Waved can control your sound system completely automatically, and will always find the best balance and atmosphere.


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