Amazonia by BAR

How Waved helped the local restaurant increase revenue and get more satisfied customers.

Amazonia by BAR is located at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, and is a modern restaurant and bar concept on the pier. They transition from being a restaurant during the day to a club at night. We help them make sure that their music matches the mood and flow seamlessly from sunrise to sunset.

From dining to dancing

Amazonia has both indoor and outdoor seating, and on the busiest days, they serve between 300 and 400 guests in their bar and restaurant. We started working together with them before the summer and installed our sensors so that the music volume automatically matches the mood inside and outside.

– Our guests come to dine before the mood rises slowly and then party through the night. We’re a hybrid between restaurant, bar and nightclub, explains general manager Bo Vivike.

They place great emphasis on designing and creating a good atmosphere for their guests. They want their dinner guests to enjoy themselves and stay even after dessert is served.

– You go out for dinner, and before you know it, you’re dancing. That is the vibe we are trying to create, and Waved is helping us get there, says mood manager Gilles Allessandro De Neef.

Managing the mood from day to night has been challenging since the vibe is constantly changing. In addition, their outdoor seating closes at 11 pm, which means that it is important that the music and mood get adjusted quickly when guests move in.

– Two of the most important elements for a good atmosphere are sound and lights, and that’s something we adjust all the time. But when the staff is busy, it is easy to forget. So I was very excited that Waved had a technology that could solve this, says Bo Vivike.

Managing the mood

We installed nine sensors at Amazonia and split the venue into two zones since the mood usually is different outside and inside. The sensors are connected to their sound system, and the music volume is automatically adjusted according to the noise and mood. This means that the music is never too loud or too low – but just right.

– Before, we adjusted the volume manually, and I thought it worked perfectly fine. When I first heard about Waved, I was pretty skeptical. Now I’m their number one fan, says mood manager Gilles Allessandro De Neef.

Gilles is responsible for the music, lights and the general mood at Amazonia. Our collaboration has given us great feedback and contributed to our app and system’s development and new functionality. For example, since DJs control the music and volume on the weekends, we made it easy to disconnect the system when they change the sound source or pause the volume control during events where people are speaking.

– With Waved, the volume adjustment is much smoother. When I adjust it, you can actually hear that somebody is tweaking the volume, but with Waved, you don’t even notice it, says Gilles.

Advanced technology

– The technology behind Waved is pretty advanced, says Bo. It has been fun to take a peek at the system and see how it works.

Waved doesn’t just measure decibels but analyzes the soundscape and distinguishes between different types of noise. Even if a glass breaks, it doesn’t abruptly increase the music volume. It’s an intelligent system that constantly learns and adapts to each venue – so that the music volume perfectly fits the place.

Expanding to more restaurants

– Waved provides us with quality assurance of the mood. It makes me, as the owner, relax much more. And there is one less thing to think about for the ones that work here, says general manager Bo.

Adjusting the music volume isn’t a complicated task, but it is easy to forget when waiters and bartenders focus on the guests. Installing the sensors has given everyone at Amazonia one less thing to worry about, meaning that both owners and employees can trust that the music is being taken care of.

– I don’t have to think about the music anymore – It just works, says mood manager Gilles.

– And the fact that nobody says anything means that it works. Customers never comment about the volume, and that means that Waved doing its job perfectly, says Gilles.

Amazonia by BAR is part of REN Group, and we’ll continue our collaboration by installing sensors at the other five restaurants and bars in the group.

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