We are Waved!

A company that improves the guest experience in the hospitality industry.

We use our platform to adjust the music volume and create a personalized ambience.  Think of it like having a virtual DJ in every room.

Starting in 2018 our passion for technology and guest experience has been key in driving our success.

We pride ourselves on being professional, passionate, impressive and reliable.

Our Story:

When we came up with the idea of Waved, back in 2018, the initial idea was to automate the music volume in cars. Turns out, that’s already been done – multiple years prior. Luckily someone said “This concept can really fly in bars, restaurants and hotels – I really struggle to socialize in loud noise environments” and that’s the beginning of Waved.

Jonas Andersen, Daniel Harper, Fredrik Sande and Endre Hauge Paulsen are the co-founders of Waved who in 2018 sat out to improve the guest experience in the hospitality industry.

The first prototype we built wasn’t all too impressive, at least compared to the current product, but it worked. This prototype was developed whilst Endre and Daniel were still studying at NTNU in Trondheim. Fredrik and Jonas on the other hand ran around Oslo looking for someone to test out the system. Bars, restaurants and hotels were still our targeted customers, but at one trade show in Oslo we started talking to the founders of Cutters. They wanted to test our solution, so we flew the tech team down from Trondheim and installed Waved at our very first Cutters location with dollar signs in our eyes.

Turned out that we made that move way too prematurely. Both the product and the customer were not ready. But we did get some data points from it.

After that we got to test Waved out at our friendly neighborhood sports bar in Oslo. And it worked really well when sports weren’t on – the only problem, there’s always sports on TV.

We got a couple more customers during 2019 and we could clearly see a trend that there was a need for the product we were building in this market.

That confidence led us to hire our first employee – co-founder Daniel Harper jumped onboard ready to take on the challenge in January of 2020.

12th of March 2020 – on our way to install at our first restaurant the news of the lockdown broke and we literally had to turn in the door. With limited cash on hand and one full time employee didn’t look too bright at the future at that time.
But, we sometimes refer to the pandemic as being a blessing in disguise for us – since during the lockdowns we could devote all our time and energy to develop the product, engage with the customers still in minimal operations and we were lucky enough to have data points from the previous “customers”.

Society opens up, we have a brand new infrastructure in our product (pretty groundbreaking as well) and we’re ready to scale – at least that’s what we thought. We signed up multiple customers, raised two pre-seed rounds and were gaining very good momentum when November 2020 hit and another lockdown dragged us down.

We were now counting 3 full time employees, with both Endre and Fredrik onboard. We had just raised some cash so we then decided to dive right into product development again. We designed our sensors from ground up, set up a full scale production line and did a full rebranding of the company, webpage and application. We were also good at keeping our existing customers engaged, allowing them to be a part of our product development phase and we also talked to multiple new potential customers.

This lockdown lasted for 197 days! But due to the fact that we grinded away in lockdown and kept some sort of momentum we gained pretty good traction when everything finally opened up again.

Now – Waved is installed at so many bars, restaurants and hotels across the Nordics and the UK and we can clearly see that we create true value for our customers when it comes to both their customer satisfaction, but also the productivity of their staff.

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